The most complete set of devices for the rapid development of AI and IOT projects and for teaching STEM disciplines

ELIO IOT EDU with 15 elements for interaction with the user and the environment, is the first IOT device designed for teaching programming and STEM disciplines in technology laboratories

ELIO IOT MEDIA is the kit that combines ELIO MINI with user interaction functions: camera, speaker, 12 RGB LEDs, Micro-SD slot, 8 touch buttons, 8 additional connectors, battery and dedicated “lamp” case.

ELIO IOT MINI is a development board for AI and IOT projects. It is the brain of the ELIO system, the only one that allows you to program functions in real time and share applications with one click

In 55mm diameter ELIO IOT DEMO contains 8 sensors and 5 actuators for a unique degree of interactivity: cloud programming and shared applications that can be modified with a few clicks on a visual interface

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