Download the app to configure the WI-Fl access of the ELIO IOT board at the following links.

A 2.4 GHz WI-FI connection is required

ESP Touch
ESP Touch


How do I enter local network credentials via the ESP Touch app?

Open the app, select EspTouch, enter your local WIFI access password, then press Confirm.

  1. Copy the Bssid number
  2. Go to
  3. Click on Device, the Connect
  4. Insert the Bssid the Confirm
I can’t install ESP Touch on my Android phone

In this case, follow this procedure to install the application though Chrome.

Download ESP TOUCH with Chrome from your Android phone and confirm the installation.

What do the colors mean during the startup process?


Flashing LEDs: Activity in progress
Steady LEDs: activity interrupted due to an exception. Reboot after 5 seconds

WHITE: Starting the ESP32 and setting up the application
YELLOW: Attempt to access the WIFI network
GREEN: WIFI connection successful, access to the network
CELESTE: Connection to ELIO PLAY (AWS MQTT service)


BLUE: Installation of an app from ELIO PLAY
FUCHSIA: Firmware update

How to restore the original ELIO IOT firmware?

To restore the original firmware of your ELIO IOT device, you can follow the detailed guide available here: “Restoration of Original Firmware.”

How to change the WI-FI configuration

Put the board in WI-FI configuration mode following these steps:

1.- Turn on the switch
2.- Press and hold the UP button
3.- Press and release the RESET button
4.- Release the UP button

Use the app ESP Touch (iOS) or Elio IOT (Android) to send local wi-fi credential to ELIO IOT





Is it possible to program ELIO IOT with the Arduino IDE?

Yes, ELIO IOT can also be programmed with the Arduino IDE V. 2 or later. For more information, see the ELIO IOT Programming page with Arduino IDE

ATTENTION: loading an Arduino application on the board overwrites the factory firmware dedicated to simplified programming. It will however be possible to restore the factory firmware through a dedicated application

The installed app causes ELIO to continuously restart

To restore the default app

  1. Press and hold the side BOOT button (O lever on the case)
  2. Press and release the side RESET button (X lever on the case)
  3. Release the BOOT button
The ELIO PLAY web app does not work correctly on my browser

Try clearing your cache via your browser settings or in the following ways.
On CHROME, install the extension

  • Hold OPTION+COMMAND then press E
  • Refresh the page

Technical information



  • Lesson 1: Actions

    This code, when we start it, what it executes are two actions, one is to turn on a white LED and the other function is to make a sound, when this code is executed, these two actions will be done at the same time.ELIO PLAY JSON code

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  • Lesson 2: Event

    This code, as the main parameter you have is the function that when the elio changes position, everything that is indicated within is executed, in this case when it changes position, what is going to be executed is the lighting of an LED White color.JSON code:

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  • Lesson 3: Timer

    This tutorial contains the timer function, which what it does is indicate a series of parameters to indicate the time that the parameters are executed within the timer. In this case, the timer indicates that after 5 seconds, the LEDs turn on every 2 seconds, for a total of 3 times.JSON code:

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