Foiling skiffs designed by the POLITO Sailing Team

The ITA69-SELENE vessel developed by the Sailing Team of the Polytechnic of Turin with the support of ELIO IOT is launched.

Selene is a Foilante Skiff designed with a series of innovations and improvements that make it a cutting-edge boat in the current nautical panorama; the main peculiarities are:

Innovative hull design for easy take-off: the implementation of the skeg aimed at minimizing drag and simplifying take-off manoeuvres, ensuring better performance and handling for sailors.

Optimized J-Foils: Our J-Foils were designed for maximum performance, allowing for a single J launch for greater stability and less drag.

Control systems: on board the vessel there are mechanical and electronic control systems for the angle of incidence of the foils.

The control system of the boats developed by the POLITO Sailing Team is based on ELIO IOT electronic cards.

More information on the POLITO Sailing Team Instagram profile