ELIO IOT MEDIA is the kit that combines ELIO MINI with user interaction functions: camera, speaker, 12 RGB LEDs, Micro-SD slot, 8 touch buttons, 8 additional connectors, battery and dedicated “lamp” case.

IOT MINI + ELIO MEDIA + batteria + lamp case

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Main features

1000 mAh battery and dedicated case complete the kit for a ready-to-use device

4 sensors add to your sixth sense: camera, 2 digital microphones, gyroscope and accelerometer, infrared receiver and 8 touch buttons.

The main programming paradigms just a click away: timed loops, conditions and variable management allow you to define the logic of the application

12 color LEDs, buzzer and speaker, Micro-SD slot, infrared LEDs, I/O ports and webhooks allow you to program multiple actions in response to relevant events

ELIO PLAY is the visual editor based on Google Blockly and Scratch that allows you to program ELIO IOT EDU in real time by combining a set of logical commands or modifying shared apps. It is also possible to edit the app in JSON format for a simplified approach to text-based code.

At a defined time it starts streaming a web radio which stops with a gesture

When the distance sensor detects a person, it reads a welcome message and increments a counter

Replicates the keys of a remote control for remote control of household appliances or robots

Associate musical notes with the web app buttons, also useful for tuning instruments

Smart lamp that colors according to different weather situations

Remotely monitor fires, gas leaks and image or audio to be processed with AI

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