IOT DEMO allows you to experience the features of the ELIO system with an all-in-one board. With ELIO PLAY your will get access to the real-time programming on visual interface

NOTE: IOT DEMO version can only be powered via USB. More power options are available on IOT MINI

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In the 55mm diameter ELIO IOT embeds 8 sensors and 7 actuators for anunique degree of interactivity without connecting wires, cloud programming and shared apps that can be modified in a visual interface

8 sensors added to your sixth: RGB light, pressure, air quality, 2 PWM mics, distance (0-3 meters), gyroscope and accelerometer, infrared receiver (remote control)

Buzzer, 3W amplifier, Micro-SD slot, infrared LED, 4 switch buttons, 6 color LEDs, 1 white LED and 7 IO ports allow you to program multiple actions in response to detected events

With so much parts already embedded and simply plugging camera and speaker, you will be able to create your prototype in minutes

Real-time visual programming

ELIO PLAY is the Scratch-based visual editor that allows you to program ELIO IOT boards in REAL TIME by simply dragging and combining a set of logical commands or editing shared apps. It is also possible to edit code in JSON format

The if, set and timer blocks are control commands for defining simple logical action structures. It is also possible to manage numeric variables

Blue distinguishes the action blocks with which it is possible to control the RGB and IR LEDs, the buzzer, the digital ports or interact with the network with the webhook action which sends the values ​​detected by the sensors to any web service

The on block allows you to detect predefined events. For example, the “near” event fires when a nearby object is detected.

Green is dedicated to multimedia actions that interact with speakers and cameras

The color orange is used for sensor values, variables, ports, and system status values

Who is it aimed at?

IOT creations for technology enthusiasts

Smart city and monitoring systems, toy manufacturers

Teaching of STEM disciplines

Logic definition and rapid prototyping

I’m interested!

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