• Lesson 1: Actions

    This code, when we start it, what it executes are two actions, one is to turn on a white LED and the other function is to make a sound, when this code is executed, these two actions will be done at the same time.ELIO PLAY JSON code

  • Lesson 2: Event

    This code, as the main parameter you have is the function that when the elio changes position, everything that is indicated within is executed, in this case when it changes position, what is going to be executed is the lighting of an LED White color.JSON code:

  • Lesson 3: Timer

    This tutorial contains the timer function, which what it does is indicate a series of parameters to indicate the time that the parameters are executed within the timer. In this case, the timer indicates that after 5 seconds, the LEDs turn on every 2 seconds, for a total of 3 times.JSON code:

  • Lesson 4: Text to speech

    As a first function, this code will read a phrase that is indicated with the ‘say’ function, and then with the timer function, its function is that every 5 seconds it will read the number of minutes at that moment.JSON code:

  • Lesson 5: Radio

    This code has two main functions indicated, one is when the square button is pressed, and the other is when the circle is pressed. So when we press square what it does is turn on the radio, and when we press circle we stop the radio.JSON code:

  • Lesson 6: Conditions

    This code begins with the timer function, which indicates that every 1 second, running infinitely, it will perform the indicated function. In this case, we have used the ‘If’ function, to indicate that if the position of the cube is two, a white LED will light up, we achieve this with the ‘if’ function and…

  • Lesson 7: Variables

    At the beginning of this code, what we are going to do at the beginning is to create a variable called ‘a’, which contains the amount ‘500’, and we achieve this with the parameter ‘=‘, within the ‘set’. Later we have added a timer that every second adds 10 to the variable ‘a’ and makes…

  • Lesson 8: Webhook

    This program’s basic function is that every minute, to our webhook, it will send a LED signal, with an indefinite time. We can achieve this with the timer and webhook function.JSON code:

  • Lesson 9: Remote control

    When we execute this code, what we get is that when we press the circle a red LED lights up, and then with the go function, which is to be able to use the remote control for 5 seconds and once we have been with the control for five seconds it goes to run a…

  • Lesson 10: Thresholds

    In this exercise, we have programmed the brightness and darkness with exact amounts, thank you. Thanks to the thresholds function, specifically we have set a brightness of 200 and we have programmed the darkness with an exact amount of 50. Subsequently we have included that if the indicated brightness amount is exceeded, a black LED…